Tuesday, June 3, 2008

NHL draft guide interview: Danny Kristo

By Rick Morris

As announced yesterday in this space, Sportsology and FantasyDrafthelp.com are joining up to produce HOCKEY DRAFTOLOGY, a comprehensive guide to the 2008 NHL Entry Draft and offseason as a whole. The issue will be released online, for free, at these two websites and SportsTalkNetwork.com on June 10. Until then, the features to be contained in the guide will be released here individually in serialized form.

Today's installment comes courtesy of Sportsology. Danny Kristo is a 5-11, 172-pound forward who plays for the U.S. National U-18 hockey team. He is one of the stars of that team, and this Eden Prarie, Minnesota native may end up being one of the best players to move through the system when it’s all said and done. HOCKEY DRAFTOLOGY had a chance to talk to him and get the 411.

Q: How has it been playing in the US Developmental program?

A: It’s been great, a real challenge, it has taken some getting used to living away from home and your parents. It’s fun being with the guys, you are with them all the time. I really like it a lot.

Q: Are you looking forward to the draft?

A: Yeah, but I am mainly focusing on the season at this time. The world championships are a big deal here and that is our main goal at this time.

Q: What has been the highlight of your USA career?

A: Playing in big games and getting to go overseas and represent your country. Getting to play college teams is big, playing for the name on the front of your sweater and all that stuff.

Q: Do you feel your speed will help you out come draft day?

A: Yeah, I think that is one of my biggest assets.

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