Sunday, June 29, 2008

BELFI - Night Of Champions - Miz/Morrison vs. Finley & Hornswaggle

By Paul Belfi

Always good to hear ANY WWE PPV start off with the voice of wrestling - Jim Ross. I am looking forward to seeing how he and Mick Foley gel as an announce team - I have a hunch it will be great, given time.

I forget the name of the ring announcer, but I don't like him.

Now onto one of the matches that - believe it or not - I was actually looking forward to.

I can't believe at how over and improved Miz is - Morrison as well. A great tag team. Working with Finley in the ring and behind the scenes is only going to make them better. I am on the lookout for Miz' mom here at Harpo's. She is the definition of the acronym MILF.

Hornswaggle doing 'Stone Cold Stunners' is fantastic - AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Horny takes a bump like no other - that little bastard... I love him!

Morrison bitch-slapping Horny reminds me of what I do to Ptak during commercials on Pro Wrestling Insider (heard exclusively on every Tuesday night at 7p Eastern).

And after seeing Horny get his arse kicked, Miz and Morrison retain their championship.

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