Sunday, June 29, 2008

BELFI - Night of Champions - Chavo vs. Matt Hardy

By Paul Belfi

Now THIS match could be f&%$&king excellent IF they get the time to deliver what they do best - wrestle.

Matt Hardy in ECW is a big fish in a little pond but frankly, I don't care. More Matt Hardy is a good thing - I never thought I'd see the day that I would push for Matt getting a world title run BEFORE his brother Jeff, but that is exactly what I want to see. Nobody deserves it more. Besides, his ring entrance music is awesome.


As Mike Ptak says to me repeatedly, 'I love, and will always love, Matt Hardy.' [Insert Price Is Right tuba here].

Just bumped into an old 'friend' - Sonny the DJ. Sonny has a speech impediment due to being partially deaf. Yes, I said he was a DJ. For the sake of comparison - picture BIG SHOW cutting a promo with a mouth of marbles - that's how Sonny talks. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - worst f&%&king DJ walking the planet Earth, but a nice guy.

A short match - but enjoyable. My main man MATT HARDY gets the clean victory!


Rick Morris said...

What's Sonny's email address again -- I want to send him your post.


Anonymous said...

Rick Morris said...

OK ... sending ...


Anonymous said...


Why ish you tawking like dat?

I want some chiwi fwies!

Sincerely, Shunny