Sunday, June 29, 2008

Night of Champions Liveblogging Part VII

By Rick Morris

It's main event time as John Cena and Triple Haitch (in the fine words of the man's man, Mr. Regal) square off for the WWE Title. Lots of power moves early and fairly little finesse, much as you'd expect. This isn't going to be Misterio-Guerrero Halloween Havoc '97, people.

As you'd expect, the majority of the crowd seems to be on the side of Paul errrr Hunter. Neither man is staying on offense for very long. Both times Cena went to hit You Can't See Me, he played to a largely booing crowd and Hunter ended up back on offense. HHH got flipped over the top rope and appeared to land awkwardly with his leg against the ring steps. Cena started working the leg relentlessly. Well, however belatedly, the match at least has some flow to it now. Cena kept working the leg, only to have HHH hit a Pedigree but not cover him swiftly. Cena hit the FU but could not get the three-count. Apparently they are using old-school All Japan booking where several finishers will be needed.

Dueling chants ensued as the two pummeled each other -- this is now a very hot crowd. Cena took the advantage on HHH and hit the Five-Knuckle Shuffle after You Can't See Me. HHH went for the Pedigree shortly thereafter only to be reversed into the STFU. After a long while, HHH got to the ropes only to be pulled back to mid-ring. HHH then put Cena into the, yes, the Crossface. Cena got to his feet to put HHH into the FU, only to get reversed into the Pedrigree. 1-2-3 and HHH retains the title and, presumably, takes it to Smackdown. HHH is still selling the knee, so Mike Ptak is speculating a held-up title that will be filled on Raw. What happens? Tune in tomorrow night. Well, I won't necessarily, I'll be watching the Cleveland Gladiators Arena Football playoff game, but I guess the idea is for all of you to tune in!

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