Wednesday, June 4, 2008

NHL draft guide interview: David Carle

By Rick Morris

As announced previously in this space, Sportsology and are joining up to produce HOCKEY DRAFTOLOGY, a comprehensive guide to the 2008 NHL Entry Draft and offseason as a whole. The issue will be released online, for free, at these two websites and on June 10. Until then, the features to be contained in the guide will be released here individually in serialized form.

David Carle is a very talented defenseman who will be attending the University of Denver this fall. This future NHL’er has been tabbed as the 60th -ranked North American skater by Central Scouting and his brother Matt plays for the San Jose Sharks. HOCKEY DRAFTOLOGY had a chance to talk to David and ask him about his life and the NHL draft.

Q: Shattuck-St. Mary’s – a lot of great hockey players have played there for the program, but how is the food?

A: Some days it’s pretty good and other days you have to scrounge around for a meal you like. It serves my nutritional needs.

Q: So what’s the reason you go there?

A: It’s not the food.

Q: Is it fun for you to be a part of the same school as Matt?

A: Yeah, I think so. I haven’t talked too much with him about it. It’s pretty much the same coaching staff (Denver), and I think I’ll enjoy it and we will have similar memories and that will be cool.

Q: Are you an offensive defenseman?

A: Yeah, I think I’m a good two-way defenseman. I’m not a super offensive player, but I jump up when I get the opportunity. I pick my spots. I’m trying to implement it into my game more and more.

Q: How tall are you and do you expect to put on some weight in the future?

A: I’m actually 5-11 ½ 190 pounds. I do expect to top out at 6-foot 195-200 pounds. I am definitely trying to do that before the season rolls around.

Q: Does it matter to you where you place in the draft?

A: No, it doesn’t matter, to be honest. I will be grateful for whoever takes me whenever they take me.

Q: What’s your favorite hobby?

A: I like to fish. We go out on 1 or 2 trips in the summer.

Q: What’s the least-known fact about Alaska?

A: Alaska has 3.5 million lakes over 20 acres or larger … I get mad about Minnesota bragging about their 10,000 lakes.

Q: What’s the first thing you will buy when you sign your first pro contract?

A: I haven’t even thought about it.

Q: Blackberry or Sidekick?

A: Voyager touch screen.

Q: What other sports do you play?

A: I have never played another sport competitively. I did play some summer soccer with the boys and girls club for fun.

Q: Did you go to your prom?

A: Yes, I will be going to the prom.

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