Sunday, June 29, 2008

Night of Champions Liveblogging Part III

By Rick Morris

Kane defends the ECW Title in a three-way "Monster Match" against Big Show and Mark Henry. For a superheavyweight slugfest, it was not a horrible match. Decent offense back and forth -- and it ended with Kane suplexing Big Show off the top rope only to end up getting splashed by Henry for the three-count and the title.

In the next match, Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly came out for their World Tag Team Title match against Ted Dibiase and his mystery partner. The mystery partner did not show and Dibiase started the match alone against Rhodes -- before Dibiase demanded that Holly tag in ... are you seeing where this was going? Good, because so was Helen Keller by this point. Rhodes ambushes his partner, Dibiase comes in and puts Holly in the Million Dollar Dream into a Russian legsweep (pretty cool sequence, actually) and gets the win. Rhodes and Dibiase are the new champions.

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