Thursday, June 12, 2008

NHL draft guide: released!

By Rick Morris

It's here! It's really, really here!

Click here for HOCKEY DRAFTOLOGY, your ultimate guide to the 2008 pro hockey entry draft and offseason. We'll talk about it in more detail tomorrow.

UPDATE: We've been serializing this guide (perhaps we should call it a book, at 68 pages!) for the last week-and-a-half and so now, in order to deliver the full picture of what we've got in there, we reproduce below the Table of Contents. We can honestly tell you this: if you really love hockey, if you're interested in where the NHL goes from here, you need this free download and we're happy to provide it for you.

Pages 2-3: Profile: North American D Patrick Wiercioch
Page 3: Interview: European G Harri Sateri
Page 4: Interview: North American F Danny Kristo
Page 5: Interview: North American F Colin Wilson
Page 6: Interview: North American D David Carle
Page 7: North American D Eric Mestery: No Mystery
Page 8: Interview: North American G Chet Pickard
Pages 9-11: Silly Q&A with past prospects
Pages 12-16: Memorable past draftees
Page 17: Assessment of draft priorities by organization
Pages 17-30: Assessment of talent levels by organization
Pages 31-32: Importance of top-level players
Pages 33-34: Atlantic Division draft records (1997-2003)
Pages 35-36: Northeast Division draft records (1997-2003)
Pages 37-38: Southeast Division draft records (1997-2003)
Pages 39-40: Central Division draft records (1997-2003)
Pages 41-42: Pacific Division draft records (1997-2003)
Pages 43-44: Northwest Division draft records (1997-2003)
Pages 45: NHL team draft rankings (1997-2003)
Pages 46-62: 2008 NHL HOCKEY DRAFTOLOGY mock draft
Page 63: 2008 NHL Entry Draft Top 10 prospects
Page 65: 2008 NHL Entry Draft Top 10 sleepers
Page 66: NHL free agency overview
Pages 67-68: Preview of ultimate hockey stat for ‘08-’09

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