Sunday, June 22, 2008

NBA draft guide is released

By Rick Morris

It's here! It's done! Rejoice all ye NBA hoops fans, for your ultimate guide to this year's proceedings is available and it is FREE! HOOPS DRAFTOLOGY, a joint presentation of and Sportsology, is now online! In addition to the FDH and Sportsology media families, the guide will also be available through

Here's the Table of Contents:

Pages 2-3: Rating the tiers of talent in the first round
Pages 4-6: Top 75 players regardless of position
Page 6: Strength of draft by position
Page 7: Center rankings
Page 8: Power forward rankings
Page 9: Small forward rankings
Page 10: Shooting guard rankings
Page 11: Point guard rankings
Page 12: Team needs
Pages 13-17: Previously completed NBA Draft transactions
Pages 18-19: Jason Jones NBA Draft rumor notebook
Pages 20-21: A conversation with 2007 top pick Greg Oden
Pages 22-23: Flashback to 2006 rookie playing card shoot
Pages 24-25: 2K Sports event at Rucker Park
Page 26: Jason Jones mock draft
Page 27: Rick Morris mock draft
Page 28: Blank mock draft sheet

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