Tuesday, June 24, 2008

FDH Insider/Goon Squad June 25

By Rick Morris

We've got another really varied and thorough FDH Wednesday night lineup coming your way this week on SportsTalkNetwork.com.

On THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER (7-9 PM EDT), we go long-form with comprehensive themes by hour. In Hour One, we start to get into fantasy football big-time as we examine some of the conventional wisdom of 2008, comparing and contrasting to our UQB statistic that we will be unveiling for this season for the first time. Also, our Senior Editor Jason Jones has started drafting teams in various leagues already (he's one of the only guys I know who's a bigger draft degenerate than me!) and he'll share his early observations. In Hour Two, we preview the NBA Draft in detail, including a live mock draft between Jason and myself. [SIDE NOTE: FDH comes your way with live NBA Draft coverage Thursday night on SportsTalkNetwork.com! It's become and FDH and STN tradition. Catch Jason and myself and some of our special guests as we break down the proceedings for you live and in living color!]

On THE GOON SQUAD (9-10 PM EDT), we review the NHL Entry Draft. Click here on our friend Russ Cohen's Hockeyology site for the first round results. We'll also preview the beginning of free agency, which will be two days underway by the time of our show next week.

Don't forget also to download our our HOCKEY DRAFTOLOGY and HOOPS DRAFTOLOGY guides, both completely free of charge!

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