Sunday, June 29, 2008

BELFI - Night of Champions - Edge vs. Batista

By Paul Belfi

Sorry I missed the women's match -- I heard it was excellent. I had to take a phone call.

Anyway... as I write this, I am calling for a Batista loss. Edge HAS to keep his title on SMACKDOWN and Cena has to WIN so there is a major title on the top 2 brands.

So there it is... it is 9:47pm Eastern now and the world's longest ring entrance isn't over yet. Oy.

OK, the match ended and as I predicted, Batista had to lose. But the crowd got what they wanted-- seeing Vicki get thrown from the ring.

Props to Vicki for going through with that -- she is a LEGIT heat magnet -- good for her. Personally, I am glad she has established her own identity in the company of being a TRUE heel GM vs. Eddie's widow. Good for her.

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