Sunday, June 29, 2008

BELFI - Night of Champions - Jericho vs. ???

By Paul Belfi

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME JBL promo prior to this match - JBL is a great heel. VIVA MAMAJUANA!!!!

Jericho steps into the ring and starts to cut a promo - we all wait to hear who the 'surprise opponent' is going to be. I love Jericho as a heel. His promos are special - and are textbook.

KOFI KINGSTON is the mystery opponent - I like it!

So far... this is an excellent match and Jericho is making Kofi look good - as he should.


MATCH OF THE NIGHT so far!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I surprised that it's Kofi but I like it. So I guess this means Jericho is gonna go in a main event program or his feud with Shawn is continuing?

Rick Morris said...

Y'know what it is, Dennis? Now Michaels can feud with Jericho without the I-C strap being in there. Can't have any main eventers feuding over a midcard title now!